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Title: Current Northeast Paleoethnobotany. 
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Series: Bulletin No. 494
Authors: Hart, J. P. , Editor.
Publish Year: 1999  NYSM ID: B.494 
Page-Plate-Fig: 235 pp., 52 figs., 34 tbls.
Category: Anthropological
Disiplines: Archaeology
Prehistoric Archaeology
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Keywords: Northeastern States, Paleoethnobotany 
Description: The first book devoted to paleoethnobotany, the study of interactions between prehistoric human and plant populations in the Northeast. This volume contains thirteen chapters by regional experts that include summaries of recent paleoethnobotical research in Connecticut, Massachusetts, Long Island, and Block Islands sounds, Pennsylvania, and Maine. Other chapters provide up-to-date research on such crops as Chenopodium, sunflower, and maize, as well as recent direct accelerator mass spectrometry dates on beans and maize. 
  • King, F.B. 1999. Changing evidence for prehistoric plant use in Pennsylvania.
  • Sidell, N.A. 1999. Prehistoric plant use in Maine.
  • Almquist-Jacobson, H., and Sanger, D. 1999. Paleogeographic changes in wetland and upland environments in the Milford Drainage Basin of central Maine in relation to Holocene human settlement history.
  • Chilton, E.S. 1999. Mobile farmers of pre-contact southern New England.
  • Bendremer, J.C. 1999. Changing strategies in the pre- and post-contact subsistence systems of southern New England.
  • George, D.R., and Dewar, R.E. 1999. Chenopodium in Connecticut prehistory.
  • Berstein, D.J. 1999. Prehistoric use of plant foods on Long Island and Block Island sounds.
  • Cassedy, D., and Webb, P. 1999. New data on the chronology of maize horticulture in eastern New York and southern New England.
  • Largy, T.B., and et al., et al. 1999. Corncobs and buttercups.
  • Hart, J.P. 1999. Dating Roundtop's domesticates.
  • Bodner, C.C. 1999. Sunflower in the Seneca Iroquois region of western New York.
  • Crawford, G.W. 1999. Northeastern paleoethnobotany.
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