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Title: Report for 1900. v. 1. 
Series: Annual Report No. 54
Authors: NYS Museum, .
Publish Year: 1902  NYSM ID: AR.54.1 
Category: Multi-Disciplinary
Disiplines: General Geology
Price: $50.00  
  • 1902. Accessions to Collections in Geological Hall: Mineralogy. pp. r201-r207.
  • Beauchamp, W.M. 1902. Bulletin 32, Aboriginal Occupation of New York. pp. 3-187.
  • Peck, C.H. 1902. Report of the State Botanist 1990. pp. 130-199.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1902. Report of the State Paleontologist 1900. pp. 3-124.
  • Converse, H.M. 1902. Iroquois Silver Brooches. pp. r227-r254.
  • Scott, G.G. 1902. Notes on the Marine Fishes of Long Island and a Biologic Reconnaissance of Cold Spring Harbor. pp. r214-r229.
  • Stoller, J.H. 1902. Two New Land Isopods. pp. r208-r213.
  • 1902. Report of the Director and State Geologist 1900. pp. r7-r261.
  • Prosser, C.S. 1902. Bulletin 34, Notes on the Stratigraphy of the Mohawk Valley and Saratoga County. 16 pp.
  • Cummings, E.R. 1902. Bulletin 34, Lower Silurian System of Eastern Montgomery County, New York. 50 pp.
  • Parsons, A.L. 1902. Recent Development in the Gypsum Industry in New York State. pp. r177-r183.
  • Eckel, E.C. 1902. The Quarry Industry in Southeastern New York. pp. r141-r176.
  • Fairchild, H.L. 1902. Pleistocene Geology of Western New York, Report of Progress for 1900. pp. 103-139.
  • Finlay, G.I. 1902. Preliminary Report of Field Work in the Town of Minerva, Essex Co. pp. r96-r102;.
  • Cushing, H.P. 1902. Precambrian Outlier at Little Falls, Herkimer Co. pp. r83-r95;.
  • Cushing, H.P. 1902. Recent Geologic Work in Franklin and St. Lawrence Counties. pp. r23-r82;.
  • Farr, M.S. 1902. Bulletin 33, Check List of New York Birds. pp. 193-409.
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