Publications for Sale

Title: Report for 1898. v. 2. 
Series: Annual Report No. 52
Authors: Clarke, J.M., and others.
Publish Year: 1900  NYSM ID: AR.52.2 
Page-Plate-Fig: 169 pp., figs., pl. (phot.), maps.
Category: Geological
Disiplines: General Geology
Price: $25.00  
  • Kummel, H.B. 1900. The Newark or New Red Sandstone Rocks of Rockland County. pp. 9-50.
  • Prosser, C.S. 1900. Sections of the Formations Along the Northern End of the Helderberg Plateau. pp. 51-72.
  • Cushing, H.P. 1900. Preliminary Report on the Geology of Franklin County. pp. 73-128.
  • Kemp, J.F., Newland, D.H., and Hill, B.F. 1900. Preliminary Report on the Geology of Hamilton, Warren and Washington Counties. pp. 137-162.
  • Smyth, Jr., and Newland, D.H. 1900. Report on Progress Made during 1898 in Mapping the Crystalline Rocks of the Wetern Adirondack Region. pp. 129-135.
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