Publications for Sale

Title: Report for 1896. v. 2. 
Series: Annual Report No. 50
Authors: Hall, J., and others.
Publish Year: 1899  NYSM ID: AR.50.2 
Page-Plate-Fig: 448 pp., figs., 32 pl. (lith.), other pl. (phot.),
Category: Geological
Disiplines: General Geology
Price: $50.00  
  • Cushing, H.P. 1899. Report on the Boundary Between the Potsdam and Precambrian Rocks North of the Adirondacks. pp. 1-27.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1899. Naples Fauna (Fauna with Manticoceras intumescens) in Western New York. pp. 29-161.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1899. Notes on the Early Stages of Certain Goniatities. pp. 163-169.
  • Luther, D.D. 1899. Brine Springs and Salt Wells of New York and the Geology of the Salt District. pp. 171-226.
  • Grabau, A.W. 1899. Faunas of the Hamilton Group of Eighteen-Mile Creek and Vicinity in Western New York. pp. 227-339.
  • Hall, J., and Clarke, J.M. 1899. Memoir on the Paleozoic Reticulate Sponges Constituting the Family Dictyospongidae, Part 2. pp. 341-448.
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