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Title: Biological Invasions in the Hudson River Basin 
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Series: Circular No. 57
Authors: Mills, E.L., and M.S. Scheuerell.
Publish Year: 1998  NYSM ID: C.57 
Page-Plate-Fig: 51 pp., 7 figs., 3 tbls.
Category: Biological
Disiplines: General Biology
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Keywords: Invasive species, Hudson River 
Description: The Hudson River is the most studied freshwater drainage in North America. It supports a diverse community of freshwater, estuarine and marine species. Exotic species constitute one of the most serious threats to indigenous biota-including that of the Hudson River. This volume examines the history of introductions in the basin, presents information on over 100 species of animals and plants, and reviews the problems associated with introductions. Bibliography is extensive. 
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