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Title: Geology of New York: A Simplified Account, Second Edition. 
Series: Educational Leaflet No. 28
Authors: Isachsen, Y.W., E. Landing , J.M. Lauber, L.V. Rickard, and W.B. Rogers, Editors.
Publish Year: 2000  NYSM ID: EL.28.2 
Page-Plate-Fig: 284 pp., 169 figs., 4 pls.(Geologic Highway Map)
Category: Geological
Disiplines: General Geology
Footnote: This publication is currently out-of-print and not available for sale from the NYS Museum. 
Price:  includes book and folded map
SKU:   ISBN: 155557162x 
UPC:   ISSN: 0735-4401 
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Keywords: New Jersey, Catskill Mountains, New Scotland, Late Devonian, Late Ordovician, Atlantic Ocean, Middle Devonian, Catskill Delta, Taconian Orogeny, Early Ordovician, Taconic Mountains, Iapetus Ocean, Hudson River, Allegheny Plateau, Long Island, North America, Hudson Highlands, New York, North America, eastern, geologic, geology, stratigraphy, glacial, glacier, continental, drift, plate, techtonics, earth, mountains, oceans, mountian building, erosion, bedrock, rock, mountains, Hudson, Adirondack, Highlands, Manhatten, Lowlands, Prong, Hudson, Mohawk, Taconic Mountains, Northern, Allegheny Plateau, Tug Hill Plateau, Erie Lowlands, Newark Lowlands, Atlantic Coastal Plain, deposits, Pleistocene Epoch, New York, glacial, Tertiary, period, Holocene, Ice Age, Epoch, geologic, mineral, resources, surface, water, groundwater, earthquakes, engineering, geology, glossary, fossils, physiographic, bedrock, fault, map, Alleghanian Orogeny, systems, Newark Basin, Taconic Sequence, Finger Lakes, Grenville Orogeny, Lake Ontario, Helderberg Group 
Description: This 300 page book is profusely illustrated with nearly 200 figures. It explains how the State's bedrock was formed and how its landscape evolved. This publication is essentially a reprint of the 1st edition: modifications include several changes in geologic age dates and in stratagraphic tables. Major improvements are the addition of a subject index, a list of illustrations, and a list of tables. The State's bedrock geology and glacial features are discussed by region so readers can focus easily on the many examples of geologic phenomena in every part of the state. A detailed table of contents and summaries at the beginning of each chapter guide the reader to specific information. Chapters 1-3 provide a context for grasping the big picture. This section discusses the enormity of geologic time to help the reader appreciate how slowly many spectacular geologic events unfold. It explains continental drift with the plate techtonic theory. This theory describes the earth as a heat engine that operates with incomparable slowness. Continents drift about, oceans open and close, mountains build and erode...This theory provides a theme that connects and explains the major events of geologic history. Chapters 4-10 describe the bedrock of New York State by region. These chapters focus not only on what type of rock is present but also on how it came to be there. The seven regions covered are the Adirondack Mountains, Hudson Highlands and Manhatten Prong, Hudson-Mohawk Lowlands and Taconic Mountains, Northern Lowlands and Tug Hill Plateau, Erie Lowlands and Allegheny Plateau, Newark Lowlands, and Atlantic Coastal Plain. Much of the section on surface deposits (Chapters 11-14) is devoted to the Ice Age. Chapter 12 sums up the history of the Pleistocene Epoch in New York State. Chapter 13 lists glacial features found across the state today. Also included in the section are chapters on the Tertiary period (before the Ice Age) and the Holocene Epoch (after the Ice Age). Chapters 15-18 discuss how the geologic environment influences human activity. Topics covered are mineral resources, surface water, groundwater, earthquakes, and engineering geology. Technical terms are defined when they first appear in the text and are compiled in a glossary, as well. The glossary, which defines 800 words and phrases, is an invaluable tool for readers with little or no background in geology. An appendix contains drawings of common fossils, a physiographic map of the U.S., a map of New York's fault systems, a series of 61 block diagrams showing the plate tectonic evolution of eastern North America, and a list of statewide maps related to geology that are available from the New York State Museum. This publication includes a separate full color folded sheet (22 X 56 inches, printed on both sides) titled the New York State Geological Highway Map (Educational Leatlet 33).  
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