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Title: Biological Diversity: The Oldest Human Heritage 
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Series: Educational Leaflet No. 34
Authors: Wilson, E.O.
Publish Year: 1999  NYSM ID: EL.34 
Page-Plate-Fig: 58 pp., 23 figs., 1 app.
Category: Biological
Disiplines: General Biology
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Keywords: Extinction, Biodiversity, Karner Blue, New York, State, Biodiversity, Research, Institute, conservation, biology, biodiversity, Edward O. Wilson, Entomology, ecosystem 
Description: Published by The New York State Biodiversity Research Institute and The New York State Museum, this introduction to conservation biology is intended to educate young people about the importance of biodiversity today, the threats to it and what we can do about these threats. Written by Dr.Edward O. Wilson, Pelligrino University Professor And Honorary Curator in Entomology at Harvard University, This paperback booklet contains 58 pages with full glossary, bibliography, original natural history illustrations by patricia kernan, and thought provoking discussion questions. Teachers and students in high school biology classes in particular will find it a useful resource, as well as anyone interested in preserving the integrity of earth's delicate ecosystems through awareness and education. 
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