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Title: Guide to the Geology of John Boyd Thacher Park (Indian Ladder Region) and Vicinity. Special Reprint. 
  Landing, E., and Skiba, J.B. Editors. 
Series: Handbook No. 14
Authors: Goldring, W.
Publish Year: 1997  NYSM ID: HB.14r 
Page-Plate-Fig: 112 pp., 32 figs., maps.
Category: Geological
Disiplines: General Geology
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SKU:   ISBN: 1555572049 
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Keywords: geology, Indian Ladder, John Boyd Thacher Park, New York, Thacher, Boyd, rock, sequence, fossils, landforms, plants, Albany, record, Helderberg, Helderbergs, mountain, easterne, plate, tectonics, collisions, subtropical, North, America, Africa, Atlantic, ocean, marine, rocks, glaciation, forest, bedrock, geological, topographic, map,  
Description: New York State Museum Handbook #14 is the reprint of a long out-of-print summary of the rock sequence, fossils, landforms, and plants of the popular State Park that overlooks Albany, New York. Amateur natural historians, hikers, middle school to university students will find this well illustrated handbook particularly useful in understanding the modern environments and rock record of this part of the Helderberg Mountains of eastern New York. A Forward, written by Dr. Ed Landing, State Paleontologist, places the 400 million years of geological time represented by the rocks of John Boyd Thacher Park into modern plate tectonic perspective. This includes repeated collisions of ancient subtropical eastern North America with continent-sized land masses and the final separation of Africa with the opening of the modern Atlantic Ocean. Winifred Goldring's careful review of the ancient marine rocks that form the Helderberg Mountains and her illustrations of their fossils remain a useful introduction to understanding the natural heritage that is preserved in the park. Only relatively minor editorial changes have been made for this 1997 reprint of this classic 1933 publication. Goldring's review includes the effects of the last glaciation on the region, the development of modern streams and caves, and a useful summary of the relationship of forest types to underlying bedrock. Vacationers in the Helderberg Mountains will appreciate the suggested walking tours and the detailed geological and topographic maps of the scenic John Boyd Thacher Park Region. These do-it-yourself tours, whether done by foot, bicycle, or automobile, turn the park into an unparalled educational experience. Suggested references in the reprint will direct the reader to further sources of information. 
Cover of Guide to the Geology of John Boyd Thacher Park (Indian Ladder Region) and Vicinity.  Special Reprint.
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