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Title: Mohican Seminar 1 : The Continuance - An Algonquian Peoples Seminar Selected Research Papers - 2000 
Series: Bulletin No. 501
Authors: Dunn, S.W., Editor.
Publish Year: 2004  NYSM ID: B.501 
Page-Plate-Fig: 143 pp., 28 illus.
Category: Anthropological
Disiplines: General Anthropology
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Keywords: anthropology, Mohican, Algonquian, native americans, History Congresses 
Description: This volume represents one of the first rewards from a unique partnership between the New York State Museum and the Native American Institute. It offers a selection of valuable research papers dealing with the Mohican Indians and other Native Americans, papers that were presented at the first annual Mohican Seminar co-sponsored by the two organizations. 
  • Curtin, Edward V. 2004. The ancient Mohicans in time, space and prehistory.
  • Lavin, Lucianne. 2004. Mohican/Algonquian settlement patterns : an archaeological perspective.
  • Jacobs, Jaap. 2004. Dutch sources on Native American history.
  • Smith, Michael J. 2004. The Highland King Nimhammaw and the Native Indian proprietors of land in Dutchess County, N.Y.
  • Binzen, Timothy L. 2004. Weataug and Wechquadnach : Native American settlements of the Upper Housatonic.
  • Dunn, Shirley W. 2004. Adapting a culture : the Mohican experience at Shekomeko.
  • Walling, Richard S. 2004. Patriot's blood : Washington's Indian Company of 1778.
  • Broderick, Warren F. 2004. Ben Pie : a Native American tale of Papscanee Island.
  • Anonymous, . 2004. Ben Pie, or the Indian Murderer : a tale founded on facts.
  • Foley, Denis. 2004. The Mohicans : alcohol and the fur trade.
Cover of Mohican Seminar 1 : The Continuance - An Algonquian Peoples Seminar Selected Research Papers - 2000
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