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Title: Natural History of the Albany Pine Bush: Albany and Schenectady counties, New York 
Series: Bulletin No. 502
Authors: Barnes, J. K.
Publish Year: 2003  NYSM ID: B.502 
Page-Plate-Fig: 245 pp.
Category: Biological
Disiplines: General Biology
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SKU:   ISBN: 1555571468 
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Keywords: Albany, pine, bush, endangered, species, Karner, butterfly, preserve, trails 
Description: This volume is a comprehensive guide that documents one of the most endangered landscapes in the Northeast. The Albany Pine Bush is a protected, remnant pine barrens community located between the cities of Albany and Schenectady, New York. A visit to the Pine Bush Preserve, home to an impressive and globally rare assemblage of plants and animals, is unlike any other urban experience in North America. The book is a field guide to trees, shrubs, wildflowers, insects, amphibians, reptiles, birds, and mammals. Human exploitation, land use, and conservation are reviewed, and major problems in protection and ecological management are also addressed. It includes color photographs, brief diagnostic descriptions, and biological notes on 121 notable Pine Bush species. The seven appendices list modern scientific names of hundreds of Pine Bush mosses, liverworts, vascular plants, insects, and vertebrate animals. The bibliography provides complete and accurate citations to over 200 relevant books and articles published over a period of two centuries, providing access to the growing body of scientific and popular literature. A removable 16 1/2 X 21 inch map illustrates trails and trail head access points in relation to area roads on a topographic relief map of the Pine Bush Preserve and surrounding areas. This volume will appeal to a wide audience, including amateur naturalists, concerned citizens, students, scientists, land managers, developers, and journalists.  
Cover of Natural History of the Albany Pine Bush: Albany and Schenectady counties, New York
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