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Title: 11th Report of the Director of the State Museum and Science Department / Report of the Director 1914 
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Series: Bulletin No. 177
Authors: Clarke, J M, and others.
Publish Year: 1915  NYSM ID: B.177 
Page-Plate-Fig: 173 pp.
Category: Multi-Disciplinary
Disiplines: Multi-Disciplinary
Out-of-print: Yes
Description: Includes the 68th Report of the State Museum, the 34th Report of the State Geologist, and the Report of the State Paleontologist for 1914. Also, includes 6 scientific papers (geologic). 
  • Miller, W.J. 1915. The Great Rift on Chimney Mountain. pp. 143-146.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1915. Conceptions regarding the American Devonic. pp. 115-134.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1915. Resignation of the Dr. Charles Horton Peck, State Botanist. pp. 50.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1915. Preservation of natural monuments (Lester Park, Starks Knob, Clark Reservation, etc.). pp. 16-34.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1915. Miscellaneous Museum Affairs. pp. 9-15.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1915. Condition of the Museum. pp. 5-8.
  • Hudson, G.H. 1915. Some Fundamental Types of Hydrospires, with Notes on Porocrinus smithi Grant. pp. 163-170.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1915. The Rifted Relict - Mountain, a Type of "Old Red" Orogeny. pp. 155-162.
  • Clarke, J.M. 1915. The Oriskany - Pic D'Aurore Episode of the Appalachian Devonic. pp. 147-154.
  • Miller, W.J. 1915. Notes on the Intraformational Contorted Strata at Trenton Falls. pp. 135-142.
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