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Title: 19th Report of the Director of the State Museum and Science Department 
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Series: Bulletin No. 253
Authors: Clarke, J.M., and others.
Publish Year: 1924  NYSM ID: B.253 
Category: Multi-Disciplinary
Disiplines: Multi-Disciplinary
Out-of-print: Yes
  • Bishop, S.C. 1924. Notes on Salamanders. pp. 87-102.
  • Milliken, C.F. 1924. Ontario County Place Names. pp. 103-110.
  • Eaton, H.N. 1924. Vernon Shale (Silurian) Fauna in Central New York. pp. 111-116.
  • Parker, A.C. 1924. Fundamental Factors in Seneca Folk Lore. pp. 49-66.
  • Parker, A.C. 1924. The Status of New York Indians. pp. 67-82.
  • Bishop, S.C., and Crosy, C.R. 1924. A Fossil species of Caddo (Ophiliones) from the Baltic Amber, and Its Living Relatives. pp. 83-86.
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