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Title: Silurian Lands and Seas: Paleogeography Outside of Laurentia 
Series: Bulletin No. 493
Authors: Johnson, M.E., and E. Landing , Editors.
Publish Year: 2003  NYSM ID: B.493 
Page-Plate-Fig: xi, 400 p. : ill., maps (some col.) ; 28 cm.
Category: Geological
Disiplines: Paleontology
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SKU:   ISBN: 1555571581 
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Keywords: silurian, tectonics, Laurentia, plate tectonics, biotic, geologic, Silurian Subcommission, paleogeography, stratigraphy, plate, sedimentology 
Description: Silurian Lands and Seas is the only up-to-date synthesis of plate tectonics, paleogeography, biotic distribution, and geologic history of the 20 million year-long Silurian geologic period. In-depth contributions by 44 specialists recreate the geologic history of this important interval in earth history in eleven important regions world-wide. A product of the Silurian Subcommission, Silurian Lands and Seas is a profusely illustrated volume that will be a major addition to college and university libraries. It will be used in earth history research and courses for undergraduates, graduate students, and professionals in paleogeography, tectonics, stratigraphy, sedimentology, paleontology, and natural resources. 
  • Baarli , B.G., Johnson, M.E., and Antoshkina, A.I. 2003. Baltica (Scandinavia, Baltic States, Ukraine, Belarus).
  • Cocks, L.R.M., McKerrow, W.S., and Verniers, J. 2003. Avalonia (Wales, England, Ireland, Belgium, Maritime Canada).
  • Caputo, M.V. 2003. South America (Peru, Bolivia, Brazil, Argentina).
  • Legrand, P. 2003. North Africa (Morocco, Tunisia, Algeria, Libya, Niger, Chad, Sudan, Mauritania, Guinea, Guinea Bissau).
  • Kriz, J., Degardin, J.M., Ferretti, A., Hansch, W., Gutierrez Marco, J.C., Paris, P., Picarra-D-Almieda, J.M., Rodardet, M., Schonlaub, H.P., and Serpagli, E. 2003. Gondwanan Europe (Iberia, France, Sardinia, Austria, Germany, Czech Republic).
  • Talent, J.A., Mawson, R., and Simpson, A. 2003. Australia and New Guinea.
  • Talent, J.A., and Bhargava, O.N. 2003. South Asia (Afghanistan, Pakistan, India, Nepal, Tibet, Shan State, Burma).
  • Rong, J.Y., Chen, X., Su, Y.Z., Ni, Y.N., Zhian, R.B., Chen, T.E., Fu, L.P., Li, R.Y., and Fan, J.X. 2003. China.
  • Yolkin, E.A., Sennikov, N.V., Bakjarev, N.K., Izokh, N.G., and Klets, A.G. 2003. Southwest Siberia (Altai-Sayan fold-belt).
  • Koren, T.N., Popov, L.E., Degtjarev, K.E., Kovalevsky, O.P., and Modzalevskaya, T.L. 2003. Kazakhstan.
  • Tesakov, Y.I., Predtetchensky, N.N., Khromych, V.G., Berger, A.Ya., and Kovalevskaya, E.O. 2003. East Siberia.
Cover of Silurian Lands and Seas: Paleogeography Outside of Laurentia
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