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Title: Ediacaran-Ordovician of East Laurentia 
  S.W. Ford Memorial Volume 
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Series: Bulletin No. 510
Authors: Landing, E. , Editor.
Publish Year: 2007  NYSM ID: B.510 
Page-Plate-Fig: 94 p., 30 figs
Category: Geological
Disiplines: Paleontology
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Description: The EdiacaranOrdovician of East Laurentia is a product of the 12 th International Symposium on the Cambrian System held in eastern New York and western Vermont in July and August of 2007. This well illustrated, important contribution includes a new regional summary of EdiacaranOrdovician epeirogeny, tectonics, eustasy, and oceanic oxygenation along the New York Promontory [the best new synthesis in 50 yearsreviewer], a detailed week-long field trip guide, and abstracts of oral and poster presentations of international studies on the Cambrian Period.  
  • Landing, E. 2007. Meeting Acknowledgements.
  • Landing, E. 2007. Dedication to S. W. Ford.
  • Landing, E. 2007. East Laurentia 2007-a pre-meeting viewpoint.
  • Landing, E. 2007. Ediacaran-Ordovician of East Laurentia-geologic setting and controls on deposition along the New York promontory region.
  • Landing, E., Franzi, D.A., Hagadorn, J.W., Westrop, S.R., Kroger, B., and Dawson, J.C. 2007. Cambrian Of East Laurentia: Field Workshop in eastern New York and Vermont.
  • Bowring, S.A. 2007. Review of the timing and constraints on the Neoproterozoic-Cambrian record of metazoan evolution.
Cover of Ediacaran-Ordovician of East Laurentia
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