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Title: Current Approaches to the Analysis and Interpretation of Small Lithic Sites in the Northeast 
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Series: Bulletin No. 508
Authors: Rieth, C. B. , Editor.
Publish Year: 2008  NYSM ID: B.508 
Page-Plate-Fig: 210 pp., 91 figs., 45 tbls
Category: Anthropological
Disiplines: Archaeology
Prehistoric Archaeology
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Keywords: management, sites, lithic, Northeast, artifact, testing, prehistoric, distribution, density, hudson, debitage, drainage, middle, upland, archaic, North Stonington, Connecticut, Pocono, quartz, coastal, Long Island, technology, New York, Glacial, topographical, micro, use, land, upstate, tool, stone, susquehanna, river valley, national, register, preservation, historic, Pennsylvania, plow zone 
Description: This volume reflects the continuing interest and important contributions being made by archaeologists to the study of small lithic sites in the Northeast. The articles in this volume challenge existing notions that these small sites do not produce meaningful data about the past by highlighting the ways in which prehistoric populations exploited the local landscape for settlement purposes. This work has been enhanced by the use of modern analytical, recovery, and archaeometric techniques, which not only have allowed for the reanalysis of older data sets but also have added new information to an already large regional data set. The articles in this volume are grouped around three general themes: Defining and Assessing the Research Potential of Small Lithic Sites, Small Lithic Sites and their Contributions to Local and Regional Settlement Systems, and Managing and Evaluating the National Register Significance of Small Lithic Sites. Small lithic sites dating from the Archaic Period (c. 10,000 B.P.) to European Contact (c. 500 B.P.) are discussed within the volumes chapters.  
  • Rieth, C.B. 2008. Preface and Introduction.
  • Hasenstab, Robert J. 2008. The Lithic Scatter as an Artifact of Field Testing.
  • Binzen, Timothy L. 2008. Where There's Smoke, There's Fire: Criteria for Evaluating Small Lithic Sites in the Northeast.
  • Curtin, Edward V., Nelson, Kerry L., and Schreyer, Jessica E. 2008. Strategies for Investigating and Interpreting Small Prehistoric Sites and Low Density Artifact Distributions: Examples from the Hudson Drainage.
  • Rinehart, Niels R. 2008. Debitage Analysis: Lithic Reduction or Lithic Production?.
  • Jones, Brian D. 2008. The Simple and the Complex: Two Middle Archaic Small Upland Lithic Scatters in North Stonington, Connecticut.
  • Perazio, Philip A. 2008. In Small Things Too Frequently Overlooked - Prehistoric Sites in the Pocono Uplands.
  • Bernstein, David J., and Lenardi, Michael J. 2008. The Use of Lithic Resources in a Coastal Environment: Quartz Technology on Long Island, New York.
  • Grills, Sara A. 2008. Glacial Micro-Topographical Land Use Patterns in Upstate New York.
  • Grills, Brian R. 2008. Placing Stone Tool Production in Context: Interpreting Small Lithic Sites in The Upper Susquehanna River Valley.
  • Rush, Laurie W., Wood, Amy, and Schulz, Margaret. 2008. The Management and Preservation of Lithic Scatters: Two Strategies.
  • Blakemore, Cynthia, Herter, Nancy, and Mackey, Douglas P. 2008. The Evaluation of Lithic Scatters for the National Register of Historic Places: A Consideration of the Current Status in New York.
  • Miller, Patricia E. 2008. A Summary of Existing Data from Pennsylvanias Upland Sites.
  • Versaggi, Nina M., and Hohman, Christopher D. 2008. Small Lithic Sites: Linking Significance with Context.
  • Carr, Kurt W. 2008. The Contribution of Prehistoric Archaeological Sites in Plowzone Context to our Understanding of Past Cultural Behavior and Their Eligibility to the National Register of Historic Places.
  • Rieth, Christina B. 2008. Future Considerations for the Analysis and Interpretation of Small Lithic Sites in the Northeast.
Cover of Current Approaches to the Analysis and Interpretation of Small Lithic Sites in the Northeast
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