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Title: Soldiers, Cities, and Landscapes: Papers in Honor of Charles L. Fisher 
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Series: Bulletin No. 513
Authors: Drooker, P. B. , and J. P. Hart .
Publish Year: 2010  NYSM ID: B.513 
Page-Plate-Fig: 295 pages, 234 Figures, 33 tables
Category: Anthropological
Disiplines: Archaeology
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SKU:   ISBN: 155572537 
Keywords: Blacksmith, Watts, Revolutionary War, Adirondack Farmstead, Nineteenth-Century, Captial Region, Pleistocene, Sundler Site, New Amsterdam, working class, Albany, Stewart Dean, Hudson Valley, Delft, Bible Tiles, Dutch, Hart Tyles, Carlton Island, midden, Lake George, Fort Gage, Ticonderoga, Flat Site, Louis Franquet, natives, merchants, missionaries, cities, soldiers, Charles L. Fisher, landscapes, Connecticut Yankees, Olmsted Site 
  • Orser, Jr., Charles E. 2010. Foreward.
  • Hartgen, Karen. 2010. Remembrance.
  • Hart, John P. 2010. Preface.
  • Hart, James L. 2010. Soldiers, missionaries, merchants, and natives: the Canadian journeys of Louis Franquet.
  • Sterling, Bruce B. 2010. The flate site - an eighteenth-century skirmish line?.
  • Manning-Sterling, Elise. 2010. Ticonderoga: French fort construction on the eighteenth-century frontier.
  • Huey, Paul R. 2010. An overview and interpretation of the Fort Gage excavations at Lake George, 1975.
  • Griswold, William A., and Largy, Tonya B. . 2010. A tale of two middens.
  • Pippin, Douglas J. 2010. Supplying the British soldier on Carleton Island (1778-1784).
  • Gerhauser, Leslie E. 2010. Hart Tyles and histories: dutch bible tiles in eighteenth-century New York.
  • Wheeler, Walter Richard. 2010. A preliminary analysis of Delft tiles found in archaeological contexts and historical collections in the Upper Hudson Valley.
  • Kirk, Matthew. 2010. Stewart Dean: The archaeology of a pilot, privateer, and entrepreneur.
  • Miller, Tracy Shaffer. 2010. Life in the hollow and the bowery: the archaeology of Albany's working class.
  • Cantwell, Anne-Marie, and Wall, Diana diZerega . 2010. New Amsterdam: the subordination of native space.
  • Bradley, James W., Younge, Meredith H., and Kozlowski, Andrew. 2010. The Sundler sites: reconstructing the late Pleistocene landscape and its people in the capital region of New York.
  • Moody, Kevin, and Luscir, Adam. 2010. Connecticut Yankees on the New York frontier: the archeological and historical records of the Olmsted site.
  • Bouchard, J.W. 2010. Out of the frying pan and into the fire: a Revolutionary War veteran on the Northern Frontier, 1796-1846.
  • McQuinn, Corey. 2010. The landscape archaeology of the agrarian myth: tenant-to-owner transition on a nineteenth-century Adirondack farmstead.
  • Pickands, , Martin. 2010. A local industry reflects a local community--the Watts blacksmith shop.
Cover of Soldiers, Cities, and Landscapes: Papers in Honor of Charles L. Fisher
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