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Sean Higgins

CRSP Principal Investigator

M.A., Anthropology, 2009, University at Albany
B.A., Anthropology, 2004, University at Albany

Prehistoric archaeology (the Northeast and Mesoamerica), archaic period, the development of social complexity, zooarchaeology, lithic analysis, and bioarchaeology.  Relating to cultural resource management, I am interested in the role archaeologists play in regards to large-scale construction projects, as well as differing and changing archaeological methodologies as they relate, apply, and adjust to different CRM situations.

Current CRSP Project(s):
Archaeology along the North-South Arterial: Data Recovery of 705 Roberts Street, Utica, N.Y., Construction monitoring for the reconstruction of the North-South Arterial, Utica, N.Y.

Current Research Projects:

  • Lithic resource exploitation and tool production in Southern New York (with Daniel Mazeau)
  • Analysis of quartz lithic debitage from the Lower Hudson Valley of New York