Quarternary Geology

The NYSGS has recognized the need to expand its surficial mapping program to include three-dimensional mapping, inclusive of lithostratigraphic information at depth in the subsurface. To accomplish this task the NYSGS is developing a holistic approach to mapping that includes near-surface geophysics and exploratory drilling in addition to outcrop analysis. Further, the collection of three-dimensional data inclusive of boreholes provides data for aquifers, aggregate resources, and sediment-landform relationships. 

Mapping activities will compliment ongoing research evaluating the deglacial chronology of Lake Albany, an expansive proglacial lake system within the Hudson Lowlands during the late Wisconsinin. Additional reconnaissance mapping activities will evaluate slope-failure associated with stream erosion of complex glacial lacustrine sediments in the Catskills. In central New York surficial mapping will augment a pilot study to evaluate the origin, fluvial dynamics and chronology of the cross-state meltwater channel system and associated deposits sought after by the aggregates industry.