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Breaking Barriers: Women's Lives & Livelihoods

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This article originally appeared on The History Center in Tompkins County website.

Breaking Barriers: Women's Lives & Livelihoods explores the lives of women in public and private spheres across the centuries through six interactive exhibits: Haudenosaunee Influence on Women's Rights (Matilda Joslyn Gage Foundation), The Overlooked History of Women Working (HistoryForge), Serial Style: The Business of Being Irene Castle (Wharton Studio Museum and Cornell Fashion + Textiles Collection), Like-Minded Neighbors: Women's Social Clubs and Organizations, and Overcoming Barriers to Vote: Woman Suffrage Movement in Tompkins County. These exhibits connect visitors with the rich and varied lives of women in Tompkins County through exploration of the stories, artifacts, and community legacies they left behind. Read more...