History Resurfaced: Film Tells Story of Great Sacandaga Lake

This article originally appeared on the Saratogian News website on 18 November, 2017.

Centuries of local history, along with countless people’s shattered dreams and heartbreak, are lost forever beneath the waves of Great Sacandaga Lake. Ten small rural hamlets were literally wiped off the map when work on this 29-mile-long, man-made reservoir began in 1927.

People who refused to leave were forcibly removed from their homes, and saw them burned along with schools and churches they had built, while graves of beloved family members were disturbed as entire cemeteries were relocated.

“I can’t imagine what those people went through,” said Priscilla Edwards, Edinburg town historian. “They didn’t have a lot. They didn’t have money to hire lawyers. It just seems unfair. The truth has finally been brought out.” Read more...