Humanities NY Launches #NY4Suffrage Marketing Campaign

From Humanities NY:

2017 is the centennial of women securing the right to vote in New York State. To celebrate this rich history, Humanities New York has designed four (4) easy ways to market upcoming Centennial events and enhance audience engagement.  Participants in #NY4Suffrage will benefit from cross-promotion from HNY and our Centennial Partners.  

With your help #NY4Suffrage will inspire a deeper sense of civic pride, and encourage New Yorkers in every town to get out and vote on Election Day!  

1. #NY4Suffrage: Join the Conversation
Use #NY4Suffrage on Twitter & Facebook to reflect and share what inspires you about the women’s suffrage movement. Post info about the people, places and ideas that shaped this diverse movement, and why this inspires you today.

2. Suffrage Stories: Uncover the History in Your Backyard
We know your organizations have amazing resources and stories to tell that take more than 140 characters to express! Share your community’s story through video and photos in the #NY4Suffrage: Votes for NY Women Historypin collection.

3. Suffrage Selfies: Commemorate a Suffragist!
Suffrage Selfies encourage visitors at cultural heritage sites and Centennial events to connect personally with the women’s suffrage movement.  At its most basic, a Suffrage Selfie is a picture someone posts to social media of themselves emulating a suffragist.  On a deeper level, this activity helps visitors draw connections between the past and present, and explores how this national movement was made possible by grassroots civic engagement.

4. Suffragists Live: Election Day Events
Gearing up to Election Day, #NY4Suffrage will encourage civic engagement through the inspiring words of NY women’s suffragists.  On November 6, the 100th Anniversary of women securing their right to vote in NYS, historical figures from the movement will remind NYers why the vote is important.  Then, on November 7, Election Day, New Yorkers statewide can post their "I Voted" stickers/signs to show their civic pride! 

Click here to sign-up for #NY4Suffrage!