An Invitation to Explore Wayne County Historic Sites Online

By: The Wayne Historians Organization

The Wayne Historians Organization (WHO) has created a website dedicated to the historic sites of Wayne County.  Town Historians and representatives of local historical societies have worked together to develop an online database of historic sites which includes: museums, historic markers, architectural treasures, churches, schools, cemeteries, industries, transportation, murals, organizations, and much more.  Not all of these sites are “old”.  They are, however, part of the history of Waybe County.  The goal of this project is to create a greater awareness of Wayne County's unique cultural heritage and to encourage visitors and residents alike to enjoy some of these wonderful historic sites.

It is important to remember that most of the sites of interest to historians and cultural heritage tourists are on private property and are not open to the public.  These private sites are included because they are of interest and can generally be see them from public streets.  Some sites have a considerable amount of historical information while others do not.  The new website's administrators have the ability to add photographs and written text as well as links to other websites.   Whenever possible, both historic and modern photos of the site will be included.  The database is, and probably always will be, a work in progress.  In fact, at this time the database is only about 2/3 complete but historians are working hard to add more information.  As local historians learn more about various sites they will add information and photos.  If citizens have additional information or photos, or have suggestions for other sites that should be added, or if they find errors, please contact the administrators of the WHO website. 

An interesting feature of the website is the capability to search individual towns or topics.  When a person clicks on each site, a new page opens and detailed information and pictures will appear.  Sometimes there wiill also be links to further information on other sites.  While on the specific site’s page, a hot link to the site's GPS coordinates will also appear which will lead to a map showing the physical location of the historic site.  A few tours are also listed in the menu bar and others will be added in the future.

The Wayne Historians Organization (WHO) is a loosely organized collaboration of municipal historians and historical society representatives.  The group meets bi-monthly to discuss topics of interest to the participants and works to share best practices and important information.  The County Historian’s Office assists in coordinating WHO activities.  Wayne County is one of the few counties in New York State to have such a group dedicated to local history.

To visit the Wayne Historians Organization database, go to: