Legislation Introduced to Change NYS History Month from November to October

Senator Carl L. Marcellino (R-Oyster Bay), Chair of the NYS Senate's Education Committee, has introduced Senate Bill 7385 which amends the Arts and Cultural Affairs Law in relation to changing NYS History Month from November to October.  In 1997, the NYS Legislature created History Month in November to celebrate the State's unique history as well as the historians who work in the field.  In recent years, the New York State Museum and New York State Historian have worked with historical organizations, museums, and sites to better utilize History Month to promote programs, exhibits, and activities across the State as History Month programs.  Unfortunately, many historical sites close after the Columbus Day weekend and are unable to participate in November promotions.  As a result, Senator Marcellino has introduced legislation to change History Month from November to October to better allow organizations to take part in promotions, including the October Path Through History weekend.  The bill has been introduced and has been referred to the Senate Committe on Cultural Affairs, Tourism, Parks and Recreation.