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New York State Lawmakers Pass The New York State 250th Commemoration Act

Mayer and Woerner 250th

This article appeared on the New York State Senate website.

In the final week of legislative session, The New York State 250th Commemoration Act, which was sponsored by Senator Shelley B. Mayer and Assemblymember Carrie Woerner, and is part of a national effort to commemorate the founding of the United States, passed in both the Senate and the Assembly. The bill, S. 4410C/A. 4742B, passed unanimously in both houses.
When enacted, this legislation will create the New York State 250th Commemoration Commission to develop a plan to celebrate the 250th anniversary of the American Revolution, and establish the 250th Commemoration Commission Fund.
The thirteen-member commission will be co-chaired by the Commissioner of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation and the Commissioner of the Department of Education, or their designees, and include the New York State Historian as well as stakeholders from across the state with knowledge of history, historic preservation and tourism. They will support and facilitate local efforts by heritage organizations, municipalities and others in commemorative planning and programs. Read more...