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A Roebling Weekend with Professor Paul King

Paul King Roebling Poster

This article originally appeared on the National Park Service website.

Professor Paul King will provide an in person tour of the Roebling's Historic Delaware Aqueduct.  The tour will provide insights into the early works of John Roebling and their influence on his great long span susupesion bridges including his 1866 Cincinnati-Covington Bridge across the Ohio River and the East River Brooklyn Bridge completed in 1883.

Professor King is a professor of Architecture at New York City College of Technology in Brooklyn.  As a Historian he possesses a unique understanding of John Roebling's work in the greater context of early 18th century suspension bridges.  Accepted for publication, his manuscript, "Roebling before the bridge" focuses on the evolution of Roebling's technical innovations present in his early work and embodied in his final work the Brooklyn Bridge.

To learn more about Roebling's aqueducts Professor King will be presenting a talk on "Roebling's D&H Aqueducts" at the D&H Historical Society located at 1315 Main Street, High Falls, NY on Friday, October 7, 2022 at 7:00pm.  Read more...