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The Cultural Resources Survey Program at the State Museum

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Projects managed by the CRSP during the 2007 program year.

Welcome to the Cultural Resources Survey Program (CRSP) and Office of the State Archaeologist at the New York State Museum. The CRSP is an applied research program of the Museum's Research & Collections Division that provides research and assessment of archaeological and architectural resources for other state agencies. This extensive program assists these agencies with their State and Federal historic preservation mandates. The CRSP is the largest outside-funded Museum program and employs about one-sixth of the Research & Collections Division’s staff.

The CRSP currently manages hundreds of such research and assessment projects each year through its in-house staff and its outside contractors for various state agencies such as the New York State Department of Transportation, the Office of General Services, and the Department of Environmental Conservation. During the 2007 program year, the CRSP was responsible for over three hundred projects, of which more than a third were conducted directly by in-house museum staff.

The CRSP's work not only benefits state agencies by meeting regulatory requirements, but it also benefits the People of New York by collecting data on the history and prehistory of the State before loss through highway and other construction. The Museum curates artifacts and records generated by CRSP projects, thus making them available for research by current and future scholars. By benefiting archaeology, the Museum, and the other agencies – the CRSP is a model for interagency cooperation.

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