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The Biodiversity Research Institute (BRI)
Funded through the Environmental Protection Fund, the Institute includes a number of collaborators, such as the Department of Environmental Conservation, the Natural Heritage Program and the Office of Parks, Recreation and Historic Preservation. Current projects focus on biodiversity stewardship, biodiversity education, and biodiversity research to assess environmental quality and change. Additionally, the BRI organizes a biennial scientific conference at the NY State Museum, the Northeast Natural History Conference.

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The New York Flora Association (NYFA)
All interested persons are invited to join the New York Flora Association, an organization dedicated to the promotion of field botany and greater understanding of the plants that grow in the wild in New York State.

    Ichthyology Laboratory

Ichthyology Laboratory
Research revolving around the ecology of freshwater fishes, but also including taxonomy, zoogeography and distribution, assemblage structure and conservation. Additional research involves freshwater decapods—crayfishes, crabs and shrimps.

    Malacology Collection

Ornithology Laboratory
Research in the lab focuses on historical questions concerning the biogeography and evolution birds. Research integrates the traditional fields of paleontology and genetics to understand patterns of bird diversification and extinction over the last few million years.

    Cohoes Mastodon
Vertebrate Paleontology Laboratory
This collection includes the vouchers for John Torrey's Flora of the State of New York (1843) and special collections that have been developed to support particular research programs and to assist in answering queries from outside the Museum.
    Field Laboratory
The Cambridge Field Research Laboratory
Research conducted at the Field Lab is under the direction of Dr. Daniel P. Molloy and focuses on investigating the biology, ecology, taxonomy, and biological control of aquatic invertebrate pests. Research efforts have focused particularly on black flies (Simuliidae) and zebra mussels (Dreissenidae).

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