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NYSM Bryology Policy Regarding Outgoing Loans


Loans are temporary physical transfers of specimens without any transfer of ownership. The New York State Museum (NYS) grants two basic types of outgoing loan requests: Exhibition or Research.  The Bryophyte Herbarium can accommodate requests for research purposes only.  The New York State Museum’s Bryophyte Herbarium does not loan type and other rare/historical specimens. However, it will consider on a case-by-case basis requests for samples of such specimens for genetic or microscopic analyses.
Requests for samples and requests to borrow NYSM specimens should be made in writing to the Collections Manager:

Lorinda Leonardi
New York State Museum
3140 CEC
Albany NY 12230

The Request may be submitted electronically as an email attachment to

Destructive Sampling and Research Loans

Requests should include the following information: brief description of the proposed research, description of the material requested in as much detail as possible, quantity of specimens needed, and where and under whose responsibility the specimens will be housed while on loan. Collections and samples are sent only to institutions, not to individuals. However, a permanently employed representative of the institution must be named as the responsible party, and care of specimens while on loan is ultimately the responsibility of the institution’s director.

For information on our destructive and general sampling policy, please review the Bryology Policy Regarding Destructive Sampling


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