Rock Collection

Curator, Dr. Marian Lupulescu
Roughly 2000 specimens comprise this collection of rocks from New York. All rock types and most stratigraphic formations are represented. The collection is organized by physiographic region. These regions are the Ontario Lowlands, Allegheny Highlands, Tug Hill Plateau, St. Lawrence Lowlands, Adirondack Lowlands, Adirondack Highlands, Mohawk Lowlands, Catskill Highlands, Hudson Lowlands, Champlain Lowlands, Taconic Highlands, Hudson Highlands and Atlantic (coastal plain) Lowlands. Most specimens are hand sized. Many were collected in the course of specific geological investigations. Consequently, samples are irregularly distributed statewide. A catalog is available.

Economic Geology Collection

Curator, Dr. Marian Lupulescu
The New York State Museum Economic Geology Collection contains approximately 2000 specimens of ore, concentrates, gangue, and finished products collected from the operations of the mineral industry of New York during the past century. Most of the material mined in New York is represented in this collection. The bulk of the specimens were on public display when the State Museum was housed in the State Education Building. Specific commodity representation in this collection is related to the importance and duration of the industry producing the product. Hence, there are more specimens of iron and zinc ore than of pigments or slate roofing shingles. The majority of specimens were collected while the mines were in actual operation so provenance is good overall. A catalog of this collection is available.

Gem Collection

Curator, Dr. Marian Lupulescu
The mineral collection of the New York State Museum contains one thousand specimens of gem material. The term "gem" refers to inorganic materials that have been cut into faceted stones, cabochons, or beads, and organic materials such as coral and pearls which have not necessarily been modified from their natural state. The specimens are not mounted in jewelry and this collection does not contain carved mineral material. Uncut gem-quality minerals and polished slabs of agate or other gem species are not included in the gem collection. A catalog of this collection is available. The catalog is organized alphabetically by species and subdivided by variety. Both natural and synthetic minerals are included. Locality information, cut, color, weight and source, are provided along with specimen number. Information is most complete for material from New York localities. Locality data are lacking for some entries.

Meteorite Collection

Curator, Dr. Marian Lupulescu
The New York State Museum has a small collection of meteorite specimens from 28 localities, one pseudo meteorite, three tektites, and one lunar basalt. The majority of the specimens were acquired between 1880 and 1920. The Bethlehem, Burlington, Mount Morris, and Tomhannock Creek meteorites and the Scriba pseudo meteorite are the only meteorites from New York State represented in the collection. A catalog of the meteorite collection is available. It includes information on provenance, weight and size, description and references
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