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Late Prehistoric Settlement

Model of a late-prehistoric Mohawk Indian village
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The major goals of this research are to (1) understand the evolutions of late prehistoric (A.D. 900-1600) villages and (2) the effects of cultural-historic taxa on our understandings of these evolutions. This research has combined theoretical developments (Hart 1993, 2001; Hart et al. 2005) and empirical research on both the histories of villages (Hart 2000), and how various social and economic traits associated with village life have changed through time (Hart 2001; Hart and Brumbach 2003; Hart and Means 2002; Hart et al. 2005). This work has lead to new understandings of the histories and evolutions of village life in New York State and southwestern Pennsylvania.

Dr. Hetty Jo Brumbach (University at Albany—SUNY)
Dr. Bernard K. Means (Independent Scholar, Virginia)
Dr. John P. Nass (California University of Pennsylvania)

Related Publications

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