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Eastern North American Archaeology

Pethick Site
Archaeological excavations at the
multi-component Smith-Holloway II
site, Schoharie County, New York in

Pethick Site
Excavation of a Late Prehistoric feature
at the Pethick Site, Schoharie County,
New York, during the 2007 field season
of the Schoharie Valley project.

11,000-8,000 B.C.

Jonathan Lothrop, Ph.D., is focusing his research on how early Native Americans colonized and adapted to the New York region during the Late Pleistocene.

2000 B.C -A.D. 1450

John Hart, Ph.D. researches the histories of maize, bean, and squash in New York and the greater Northeast and the interactions of human populations with these crops.

A.D. 400-1450

Christina Rieth, Ph.D.'s research focuses on the ways that prehistoric groups interacted with their local environment and the role that such interaction had on the settlement and subsistence strategies of New York’s Late Prehistoric (A.D. 700-1450) occupants.


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