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The NYSM Geoarchaeology Lab

The lab is dedicated to advancing the practical integration of earth science approaches into archaeological field and laboratory work. Because so many sites are involved with near-surface soils, the methods I use are those that treat soils from a scientific perspective (pedology), adapted to archaeological situations. The lab has a trailer-mounted Giddings hydraulic probe that takes solid sediment cores, very useful in searching for buried soils and land surfaces of archaeological interest. We also have a Leica TC805 total station and associated surveying equipment to generate detailed topographic and other landscape attributes, and a mobile flotation lab for the recovery of charcoal and other objects in the soil. Geoarchaeological work on prehistorical and historical sites mostly in New York is reflected in a series of technical reports. While individual sites and site reports standing alone are rarely of any great interest, when taken together as whole, within a larger research framework, they can become useful sources that help us gain a better understanding of the past.

Hannibal Crevasse Splays
Drilling in the Schoharie Creek floodplain, east-central New York

Lovers Leap
Coring is an efficient way to study subsurface aspects of landforms




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