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Current Research Projects

Effects of global warming on mammal ecology
An examination of how ecology changed in mammals with climate change in the absence of humans earlier in the Pleistocene.

Prey use and canine development in saber-toothed carnivores
To understand higher-level trophic relationships in ancient ecosystems as well as to understand how evolution of specialized morphology (saber-toothed canines) affects the ecology of carnivores.

Ecology of Pleistocene mammals at hominid-bearing sites in Spain
An examination of the ecology of mammals from hominid-bearing sites across the Pleistocene of Europe.

Laboratory Information

My lab at the NYSM is a standard geochemistry wet lab capable of preparing samples to obtain 13C, 15N, and 18O, 87Sr/86Sr, 14C values from vertebrate tissues like bone, collagen and enamel, or plants.

The lab also has equipment to obtain data for morphometric and bioinformatics studies.


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