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Robert S. Feranec :: Research

My research focuses on how and why ecology changes in mammals over time. 
Typical questions studied in my lab include:

  • How does climate change effect ecology?
  • Does ecology change during development?
  • Does immigration/dispersal of new species affect ecology?
  • Does extinction/extirpation of species affect ecology?

Current Research Projects
  1. Ecological consequences of evolving morphology
  2. Saber-tooth development and diet
  3. Isotopes in C3sub-dominated ecosystems
  4. Migration and seasonal diets
  5. Quaternary climate change and ecology

Laboratory Information

My lab at the NYSM is a standard geochemistry wet lab capable of preparing samples to obtain 13C, 15N, and 18O, 87Sr/86Sr, 14C values from vertebrate tissues like bone, collagen and enamel, or plants.

The lab also has equipment to obtain data for morphometric and bioinformatics studies.



Geochemistry Lab


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