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Knox Trail Monument No. 2 (New York)

Knox Trail sign 2Old location MOVED: Was located at the site of the King's Dock below Fort Ticonderoga, east off State Route 22 about one mile east of Village of Ticonderoga.The granite slab is still there (right) but the bronze plaque is now displayed at the entrance to the fort on the portage road (left).

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TrailTripTip: To find monument NY3, exit the Fort Ticonderoga Park area, turn left onto Route 74 and follow it into the Village of Ticonderoga. Watch for monument on left in triangular park along Montcalm Street immediately after crossing bridge over La Chute River.

Context: This location marks the spot where the cannon removed from the fort were loaded onto boats. Knox's diary entry for December 6th reads: Employ'd in getting the cannon from the fort on board a Gundaloe in order to get them to the bridge. Once loaded the gundalow was sailed or rowed around the peninsula of Ticonderoga and into the River LaChute, then about a half-mile up to the bridge that carried the Portage Road across the river just below the lower falls. This was the head of navigation from Lake Champlain and here the cannon were unloaded off the gundalow while it returned for another load.


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