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Knox Trail Monument No. 4 (New York)

NY sign 4 MOVED: Was located at a private marina, but refurbished and relocated to the Mossy Point Boat Launch (Department of Environmental Conservation) on Lake George, at intersection of Mossy Point Road and Black Point Road south of Village of Ticonderoga.

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TrailTripTip: To find monument NY5, return north to Village of Ticonderoga, turn left on Route 74 (Montcalm Street) and follow that west to Route 9N. Turn left and follow that south to hamlet of Sabbath Day Point. Take any left turn and drive to extreme southeastern point of land. Monument is on private land so ask permission.

Context: Knox's diary entry for December 8th reads simply: Ditto the mortars. This indicates that on this date, all the guns had been moved to the top of Lake George.

At the Lake George Landing, a little flotilla was assembled to transport the guns down the lake. The heaviest pieces were put aboard a scow, a double ended, flat bottom, barge-like vessel used to transport bulk cargo. In addition to the scow, Knox had at his disposal a pirogue and a batteau.

Knox's diary entry for December 9th reads:

Employ'd in loading the scow, Pettyaugre and a battoe.At 3 O'Clock in the afternoon set sail to go down the lake in the Pettyaugre, the Scow coming after us run aground we being about a mile ahead with a fair wind to go down but unfair to help the Scow.the wind dying away we with the utmost difficulty reach'd Sabbath day Point about 9 O'Clock in the evening -- went ashore & warm'd ourselves by an exceeding good fire in an hut made by some civil indians who were with their Ladies abed - they gave us some Vension, roasted after their manner which was very relishing.


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