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Knox Trail Monument No. 5 (New York)

Knox marker #5 Located about 50 feet from the Sabbath Day Point dock, along the east side of State Route 9N in the Village of Sabbath Day Point (Warren County).

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TrailTripTip: To find monument NY6, continue south on Route 9N to the hamlet of Bolton Landing. Turn left at the library and enter Rogers Memorial Park. Watch for monument next to that park drive.


It is here, at Sabbath Day Point, that Knox received report of bad news: the scow had run on a sunken rock but not in such a manner as to be irretrievable that they had broken all the ropes which they had in endeavoring to move her off - but was ineffectual that they had sent up to the Fort for more ropes, & hands & uintended in the morning to make another trial.

But the batteau would push on, as Knox records:

the crew of the Battoe after having refresh'd themselves told me as they were not very deeply loaded that they intend'd to push for Fort George [at the south end of the lake] Accordingly I jump'd into the Boat & ordered my man to bring my baggage & we would go with them - accordingly we set out it being eleven OClock with a slight breeze ahead the men rowed briskly but we had not been out above an hour when the wind sprang up very fresh & directly against us - the men after rowing exceedingly hard for about four hours seem'd desirous of going ashore to make a fire to warm themselves & I knowing them to be very exceedingly weary.


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