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Knox Trail Monument No. 7 (New York)

Knox Marker #7 Located on the west side of Fort George Road in the Lake George Battlefield State Park at the southeastern end of Lake George in Lake George Village (Warren County). It is visible but not readily accessible from the road, but it is accessible from the footpaths that connect the various monuments in the Park.

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TrailTripTip: To find monument NY8, continue south of Fort George Road to Route 9, then turn left and continue south on Route 9 and watch for monument on your left just south of access road to Northway Exit 21 (about 3 miles south of Bloody Pond).

Context: It was here, at the south end of the lake where Lake George Village stands today , that Henry Knox arrived a little after mid-day, December 11th. It was necessary that the boat passage down Lake George be completed before its surface froze. So in that regard, Know probably hoped for the continuation of the mild weather. But once tranferred to land carriage, snow would be necessary if he was to move the guns by sled. And there must be solid ice on the Hudson River, solid enough to take the 1,800 lbs. weight of his largest gun, the twenty-four pounder.

Now safely at Fort George, Knox immediately turned his attention to the forward movement of the guns. His diary continues: on Monday the 11th I sent an express to Squire Palmer of Stillwater to prepare a number of Sleds & oxen to drag the be ready by the first snow.

(See the History Page for more details on Knox's stay at Fort George.)


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