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Knox Trail Monument No. 13 (New York)

Knox Marker #13 Located in a park at the south end of the Village of Schuylerville (Saratoga County) on the east side of State Route 32, just north of the Schuyler House National Historic Site.

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TrailTripTip: To find missing monument site forNY14, continue south on Route 4 about 7 miles to left turn onto River Road. Follow that road south to Ensigns Lane. Near this spot was a historic tavern where the monument once stood.

Context: Knox arrived at Saratoga (Schuylerville)on December 24th, where he stopped and had dinner: We dined & set off about three OClock it still snowing exceeding fast... after the utmost efforts (of the) horses we reach'd Ensign's tavern 8 miles beyond Saratoga - we lodg'd.


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