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Knox Trail Monument No. 14 (New York)

Knox Marker #14 MISSING: Was located on the river road south of Schuylerville at the Ensign House along the west side of State Route 32.

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TrailTripTip: To find monument NY15, continue south on River Road until it rejoins Route 4. Go south on Route 4 to triangular area on right where Route 32 intersects from the west. The plaque is located inside this triangular area.

Context: This site marks a house where Knox stayed on the night of December 24th - Christmas Eve. On Christmas morning he woke to find two feet of new snow on the ground. While he may have been heartened by this turn of weather, it did nothing to help him on his own lonely way south. He headed on to Stillwater where he got another sleigh to take him to Albany, noting in his diary: . the roads not being broken prevented our getting farther than New City, about 9 miles above Albany - where we lodg'd.

While the train of ox-drawn sleds to follow would no doubt pass this same house, we have no evidence of them stopping there.


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