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Knox Trail Monument No. 19 (New York)

Knox Marker #19 MOVED?: Originally located at School 16, on the west side of State Route 9 between Latham and Crescent (Albany County). Now located on west side of State Route 9 about two miles south of the Mohawk River, immediately north of the Cinnamon Tree Restuarant and opposite Arrowhead Lane.

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TrailTripTip: To find monument NY20, continue south on Route 9 toward Latham, about 5 miles. Watch for Kirker's Steak House and take left hand road that runs behind that place, which is Old Louden Road. Follow this road south and watch for monument on right near Masonic Temple.

Context: The road indicated by this marker is not the one followed by Knox as he found his solitary way south on December 25th. Nor is it the road to the ferry at Half Moon, where the first of his sleds attempted to cross on the ice.

This road ran south from Claus's Ferry on the Mohawk River, an alternate route. On January 5th, after losing a sled and cannon through the ice at the ford further down near Cohoes, he issued orders to send the remainder of the sleds to a safer crossing: At Sloss's as the ice was so much stronger there than at half moon, the usual place of crossing... This crossing is on the Mohawk west of the Hudson at Crescent.


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