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Knox Trail Monument No. 21 (New York)

Knox Marker #21 MOVED: Was originally in this intersection, but has been relocated to edge of highway expansion area. Now located at the southwest area of the intersection of Loudonville Road and Northern Boulevard in Albany (Albany County). It is on the eastern edge of the parking lot for the Loudon Shopping Plaza and roughly opposite Memorial Hospital. The sign faces west (into the parking lot).

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TrailTripTip: To find site of missing monument NY22, drive onto Northern Boulevard (right turn out of parking lot)and immediately take first left turn (after Memorial Hospital). Drive down hill to Broadway and turn right. Follow Broadway through Albany to bridge ramp to City of Rensselaer (Route 9 east). Monument would have been in this location.

Context: This location marks a point where the old road south from Claus's Ferry would turn to enter the City of Albany. The train of artillery that crossed at Claus's Ferry would have passed along this route the first week of January.


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