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Knox Trail Monument No. 22 (New York)

Knox Marker #22 MISSING:Originally in Riverside Park on the east side of Broadway north of Dunn Memorial Bridge, Albany (Albany County). (On Quay St. north of Dunn Memorial Bridge, on S.E. corner streetside, pedestrian underpass - set in concrete wall).

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TrailTripTip: To find monument NY23, cross Hudson River bridge and take Routes 9 & 20 east in City of Rensselaer. Watch soon after bridge for very small park on right at Aiken Avenue where monument is located.

Context: This spot markes the place where the cannon were sent over the Hudson River on the ice to the east shore, to begin their trip southeasterly toward Massachusetts.

This is also the general location of the rescue of the second cannon lost through the ice on January 7th: The cannon which the night before last came over at Sloss's Ferry we attempted to get over the ferry here, which we effected excepting the last which fell into the River notwithstanding the precautions we took.

On January 8th Knox notes that the lost gun was recovered and that most of the sleds got over the ice from Albany. Went on the ice about 8 OClock in the morning & proceeded so carefully that before night we got over twenty three sleds & were so lucky as to get the Cannon out of the River, owing to the assistance the good people of the City of Albany gave...


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