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Knox Trail Monument No. 28 (New York)

Sign #28 MOVED: Originally near the Brick Church in Claverack just north of State Route 23 on State Route 9H. Now located on the east side of the Taconic Parkway at Harlemville Road, about half way between the Route 23 (to the south) and Route 203 (to the north)exits (Columbia County).

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TrailTripTip: To find monument NY29, follow Harlemville Road south to County Route 21, go through hamlet of Harlemville heading eastward on County Route 21 to State Route 22 near North Hillsdale. Turn left onto State Route 22 north and follow it to a right turn onto Route 71 south. Watch for the monument inside a small triangular green on the right side of Route 22 as you make the turn (on your left as you turn).

Notes: Originally the monuments placed in Columbia County beyond Kinderhook followed a route projected as running south on the old Post Road (State Route 9H) to the Village of Claverack, then running east along State Route 23 to Great Barrington, Massachusetts. In the early 1970s research was done that supported an alternative route, running southeasterly from Kinderhook across Columbia County to the junction of State Routes 22 and 71 in the southeastern corner of the county, then down Route 71 into Massachusetts. In about 1975, the several monuments between Kinderhook and the State Line were relocated to reflect this new route.

Context: Knox, in advance of the artillery train, passed this route during the second week of January, and the sleds of artillery followed shortly thereafter.


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