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Knox Trail Monument No. 10 (Massachusetts)

Mass sign 10 Located on point of high ground within a complex intersection south of State Route 20, where Maple Street and North Main Street intersect about 100 feet south of modern Route 20 and west of the Village of Wilbraham. (See note below)

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TrailTripTip: To find monument MA11, continue on Route 20 east about 4 miles and watch for the monument on your left, standing in a triangle of land in the intersection of Route 181.

Notes: The original location for this marker is given as Knox Trail Park, on south side of Rt. 20, east of Nine Mile Pond. There is an area that may once have been that park in that location, but it is not identified as such today. The marker is about 1/2 mile east of that area on elevated ground.

Context: Primary source documentation for this part of the expedition is generally lacking. However, we are working with historians in Massachusetts to develop context information for each of these locations, and this will be added here at a later date.


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