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Archaeological Investigations at the Mon City site (36WA737), Washington County, Pennsylvania

TitleArchaeological Investigations at the Mon City site (36WA737), Washington County, Pennsylvania
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1994
AuthorsHart, JP
JournalPennsylvania Archaeologist
KeywordsArchaeology, Monongahela tradition, Pennsylvania, upper Ohio River Valley

Archaeological  investigations  at  the  Mon  City  Site (36WH737) on the west bank of the Monongahela River in Washington County, Pennsylvania revealed portions of a Late Prehistoric Monongahela tradition small habitation site. This site occupied a narrow Holocene levee between the Monongahela River and a back channel slough. Evidence of one house pattern was documented as were storage facilities, pit features, and a hearth. Pottery attributes, including a high percentage of final Z-twist cordmarking and dowel impressed lips, exemplify the late Middle Monongahela period. Uncalibrated radiocarbon dates indicate mid-sixteenth-century occupations. Subsistence remains reflect the exploitation of a variety of wild resources available within the immediate vicinity of the site and nearby uplands in addition to maize-based agriculture. The Mon City Site and another recently reported small habitation site indicate that this relatively poorly known class of sites played important roles in Middle Monongahela subsistence-settlement systems.