Dispersion and Deposition of Ragweed Pollen from Experimental Sources

TitleDispersion and Deposition of Ragweed Pollen from Experimental Sources
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication1970
AuthorsRaynor, GS, Ogden, EC, Hayes, JV
JournalJournal of Applied Meteorology

Dispersion and deposition of ragweed pollen released naturally from circular area sources of four sizes (5–27 m in diameter) and artificially from point sources were studied at Brookhaven National Laboratory. Concentrations were measured by wind-impaction samplers mounted on 20° radii at four heights (0.5–4.6 in) and four or five distances from the sources to a maximum of 69 m. Deposition was measured by greased microscope slides on the ground. Differences in dispersion patterns between point and area sources are analyzed. Normalized centerline concentrations, cross-wind integrated concentrations, plume widths, plume heights and mass flux are presented as functions of distance and related to source size and meteorological variables. Deposition data are also related to distance and source size. Most deposition velocities ranged from 2–6 cm sec−1 but values close to area sources were much greater. Loss of airborne particles between sampling circles is compared to deposition over the same distances. Results are compared to those of previous dispersion and deposition studies and to theory.