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Mineralogy of the Kimberlites from New York State

TitleMineralogy of the Kimberlites from New York State
Publication TypeJournal Article
Year of Publication2004
AuthorsLupulescu, MV
JournalRocks & Minerals
Keywordskimberlites, New York

Type II (orangeiite) kimberlite dikes, which are centimeters to meters in width, carrying upper-mantle and crustal xenoliths, hosted by Cambrian and Devonian sedimentary rocks, occur in central New York. They show narrow, chilled margins, evidence of multiple intrusions and a complex mineralogical composition: olivine, diopside, phlogopite, garnet, perovskite, titanite, spinel, ilmenite, magnetite, pyrrhotite, pentlandite, millerite, pyrite, calcite, chlorite, and serpentine.