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Lintner, J.A., 1878. New Carpet Bug Pest-Anthrenus scrophulariae. Albany Institute Proceedings 2, 313-315.
Lintner, J.A., 1897. Elm and Apple Tree Pests.. Country Gentleman 62, 390.
Lintner, J.A., 1871. Dryocampa [Basilona] imperialis Drury. Country Gentleman 36, 600.
Lintner, J.A., 1895. Plum Tree Scale. Country Gentleman 60, 485.
Lintner, J.A., 1880. White grub worm-Lachnosterna fusca Frohl. Country Gentleman 45, 439.
Lintner, J.A., 1887. Saw Fly on Apple Trees. Country Gentleman 52, 421.
Lintner, J.A., 1885. Elm Leaf Beetle. Country Gentleman 50, 841.
Lintner, J.A., 1890. Diseased Austrian Pines. Country Gentleman 55, 820.
Lintner, J.A., 1894. Maple Tree Insect. Gardening 2, 206.
Lintner, J.A., 1892. Will the Cow Horn Fly Remain with Us?. Country Gentleman 57, 769.
Lintner, J.A., 1896. Harlequin Cabbage Bug. Gardening 4, 266.
Lintner, J.A., 1884. Cut Worms. New York State Agricultural Society Annual Report 44, 56-80.
Lintner, J.A., 1888. Elm Leaf Beetle. Country Gentleman 53, 249.
Lintner, J.A., 1886. Plant Louse on the Potato. Country Gentleman 51, 569.