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Journal Article
Fisher, D.W., 1958. Polylopia Clark, an Ordovician Scaphopod. Journal of Paleontology 32, 144-146.
Rickard, L.V., Fisher, D.W., 1973. Middle Ordovician Normanskill Formation, Eastern New York, Age, Stratigraphic, and Structural Position. American Journal of Science, vol.273, no.7, pp.580-590, Sep 1973 273, 580-590. doi:10.2475/ajs.273.7.580
Fisher, D.W., 1974. Memorial to Winifred Goldring; 1888-1971. Memorials - Geological Society of America 3, 96-102.
Fisher, D.W., 1987. John Mason Clarke; James Hall's Protege-Successor. Earth Sciences History 6, 114-118.
Fisher, D.W., 1956. Intricacy of Applied Stratigraphic Nomenclature. The Journal of Geology 64, 617-627.
Cleaves, E.T., Fisher, D.W., Bricker, O.P., 1974. Chemical Weathering of Serpentinite in the Eastern Piedmont of Maryland. Geological Society of America Bulletin 85, 437-444. doi:10.1130/0016-7606(1974)85<437:CWOSIT>2.0.CO;2
Funk, R.E., Fisher, D.W., Reilley, Jr., E.M., 1970. Caribou and Paleo-Indian in New York State: A presumed Association. American Journal of Science 268, 181-186. doi:10.2475/ajs.268.2.181
Fisher, D.W., 1956. The Cambrian System of New York State. Symposium on Cambrian Systems, 2oth International Geological Congress 321-351.
Book Chapter
Anderson, E., Brett, C., Fisher, D.W., Goodwin, P.W., Kloc, G.J., Landing, E., Lindemann, R.H., 1988. Upper Silurian to Middle Devonian Stratigraphy and Depositional Controls, East-central New York, in: Landing, E. (Ed.), 1986 Canadian Paleontology And Biostratigraphy Seminar, Proceedings. The University of the State of New York, Albany, New York, pp. 111-134.
Fisher, D.W., 1987. Lower Devonian Limestones, Helderberg Escarpment, New York, in: Roy, D.C. (Ed.), Centennial Field Guide. Geolical Society of America, Boulder, Colorado, pp. 119-122.
Fisher, D.W., 1981. Introduction, in: Tesmer, I.H. (Ed.), Colossal Cataract; The Geologic History Of Niagara Falls. State University of New York Press, Alexandria, New York, pp. 1-15.
Fisher, D.W., Brett, C., Kilgour, W.J., Terasmae, J., Liberty, B.A., 1981. The Geologic Past, in: Tesmer, I.H. (Ed.), Colossal Cataract; The Gologic History Of Niagara Falls. State University of New York Press, Albany, New York, pp. 16-62.